Presentations and documents for the Sahel and West Africa Week 2015

  |         Day 1: Forum
|      Day 2: Forum 
|     Day 3: Seminar with CSOs 
|    Day 4: Special session of the RPCA  
|   Day 5: Meeting of SEG-AGIR   |


Day 1: Forum (Monday, 26 October):

 Session 1: Urbanisation, structural change and the food system

 Session 2: Climate change, adaptation and food security

Day 2: Forum (Tuesday, 27 October):

Session 3: Resilience and innovative policies for food security

Session 4: Women’s empowerment, gender equality and resilience

Forum summary record

Day 3: Seminar with West African and European CSOs on Resilience and the Role of AGIR

Day 4: Special Session of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA)

Summary of conclusions

Day 5: Meeting of the Senior Experts' Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience (SEG-AGIR) 

Summary of conclusions

Declaration of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR) - Sahel and West Africa stakeholders

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