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This platform for Futures Thinking for Education supports informed explorations of possible futures through a wealth of research, analysis, tools, methods and experiences. All of it has been acquired through Schooling for Tomorrow (SfT), an international project of the OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI).
Whether you are a policy-maker, researcher, project manager, teacher, parent, or simply curious about futures thinking in education, this platform can be useful to you.
How can this platform help? It makes available research accessible to inform decisions concerning educational policy and practice.


Why is this platform needed? Much educational decision-making focuses on the short term, looking to solve immediate problems or make established practice more efficient. The neglect of the long-term becomes more problematic in a complex, rapidly changing world. As OECD countries progress towards becoming knowledge societies, with new demands for learning and new expectations of citizenship, strategic choices must be made not just to reform but to reinvent education systems so that the youth of today can meet the challenges of tomorrow.



To help today's schools meet tomorrow's needs, visitors are invited to use the Schooling for Tomorrow online knowledge bank to:


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Find articles and tools about trends for educationscenarios and country practicestechnology and innovation in schoolsteaching methods, and much more on the Schooling for Tomorrow (SfT) Knowledge Bank.

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