Third Workshop: OECD Workshop on Reforming Environmental Harmful Subsidies Paris, 5 October 2005


Second Workshop: OECD Technical Expert Meeting on Environmental Harmful Subsidies Paris, 3-4 November 2003

OECD Activity on Sustainable Development: Obstacles to Policy Reform

The emphasis of the workshop, open to OECD Delegations and invited experts only, was on reaching a shared understanding of what constitutes environmentally harmful subsides. The workshop has also developed a framework to classify and measure subsidies for analytical purposes in the OECD.

The specific objectives were to:

  • review relevant work concerning the definition of the term "subsidy" and "environmentally harmful subsidies" so as to highlight the methodological issues at stake;
  • survey what is being done to classify and measure environmentally harmful subsidies
  • identify some of the information and analysis gaps for ongoing work on subsidies in the OECD;
  • develop a framework to undertake the measurement of environmentally harmful subsidies in the OECD; and
  • contribute to strengthening the dialogue between the OECD and other IGOs and NGOs and, in the long term perspective, improve co-ordination and communication of future work

The longer-term goal has been to seek a commitment by Ministers as to the characteristics of those subsidies that are environmentally harmful and should be phased out.

First Workshop, November 2002

- Summary and Conclusions in PDF
- Proceedings of the Workshop

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