Capacity building is a central element of the mechanisms to support the Initiative’s member countries in their efforts to implement thoroughly the reforms they have undertaken. Following a call by its member countries, the Initiative has conducted technical seminars since early 2003. The seminars bring together senior experts from the Initiative’s member countries and experts from OECD member countries and the OECD Working Group on Bribery.

  The Initiative's regional technical seminars

14th regional seminar on "Development with Values: Social Fence against Corruption" (November 2016) 

13th regional seminar on tackling corruption in development projects (November 2015) 

12th regional seminar on whistleblowing and on strengthening anti-corruption agencies (July 2013)

 11th regional seminar on asset disclosure, illicit flows and recovery of the proceeds of bribery (October 2012)

10th regional seminar on the criminalisation of bribery (September 2010)

 9th regional seminar on the political economy of corruption (September 2009)

 8th regional seminar on corruption prevention (March 2009)

 7th regional seminar on fighting bribery in public procurement (November 2007)

 6th regional seminar on asset recovery and mutual legal assistance (September 2007)

 5th regional seminar on managing conflict of interest (August 2007)

 4th master training seminar (2006) on mutual legal assistance, extradition and asset recovery (2006)

 Experts meeting on addressing corruption risks in tsunami relief efforts (2005)

 3rd master training seminar (2005) on meeting international anti-corruption standards (2005)

 2nd master training seminar (2004) on curbing corruption in public procurement (2004)

1st training seminar on effective procesution of corruption (2003)


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