OECD Ocean

OECD work for a sustainable ocean

The ocean covers two-thirds of the planet and is vital for human well-being. It provides invaluable ecosystem services, contributes to global food security, and offers immense opportunities for economic growth, employment and development. However, our ocean is under immense pressure from a wide range of human activities, and the environmental basis of many of these economic opportunities is threatened. This pressure will increase unless governments take bold action to ensure a sustainable use of the ocean, and the protection of its natural resources.

To support government efforts to transition to a more sustainable ocean economy, the OECD is mobilising expertise across multiple policy fronts, covering environmental, economic, financial and social dimensions. Working with both developed and developing countries, the OECD aims to ensure that all societies can harness the benefits of the ocean on a sustainable and inclusive basis.

Data on the ocean

The OECD Sustainable Ocean Economy database provides the international community with data and evidence to support decision-making. An initial version of the database is ready and new indicators will be added as they become available.

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