Workshop 23 July 2020

Preparing for the Future of Work in Canada

This webinar will focus on the findings of the new OECD report and engage top thinkers and practitioners to discuss threats and opportunities facing Canada from COVID-19 and the future of work.

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Workshop (forthcoming)

How cities are preparing for the future work

This workshop will bring together policy makers and practitioners to discuss the place-based challenges and opportunities that are emerging from automation and digitalisation at the local level. 

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Workshop (forthcoming)

Local labour market oppportunities for migrants

This workshop will bring together representative from key OECD countries to discuss the place-based challenges and opportunities related to the labour market integration of migrants. 

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Past events

12 May 2020 - Webinar: What are the impacts of COVID-19 on local labour markets?

5 November 2019 - Washington D.C.: “Local Responses to the Future of Work: An international policy exchange” | Agenda

29 October 2019 - Luxembourg: “Boosting the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Luxembourg: Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool Workshop” | Agenda

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