The OECD and Argentina: A mutually beneficial relationship

Argentina participates in the substantive work of many of the OECD’s specialised Committees and has adhered to selected OECD legal instruments. As a G20 country, together with Mexico and Brazil, Argentina benefits from the broad OECD-G20 agenda and participates in the development of standards for better global governance such as the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project and the OECD-G20 Principles of Corporate Governance.

In this context, Argentina is strengthening its co-operation with the OECD via a tailored Action Plan, which mobilises OECD support for Argentina’s key reform priorities across 16 policy areas. Argentina presented the plan to OECD Secretary-General Ángel Gurría in March 2017 during a bilateral meeting in the margins of the Meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors.  

To co-ordinate the relationship, the OECD’s Global Relations Secretariat develops and oversees the strategic orientation of this relationship and ensures that the dialogue remains focused, forward-looking and mutually beneficial. Usually, meetings are held between Argentinian officials and experts from OECD countries and the OECD Secretariat on topics mutually agreed on and jointly prepared with analytical studies. Argentina values the opportunity to discuss major policy issues and challenges in a multilateral context and to learn from the experiences of OECD countries facing similar challenges in many areas. In turn, this dialogue enriches the OECD’s knowledge and policy advice, and benefits OECD members and non-OECD economies by enabling them to acquire a better understanding of Argentina.


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Water Governance in Argentina identifies several key challenges to effective, efficient and inclusive water policies, and provides a set of policy recommendations to enhance water governance as a means to address relevant societal challenges.

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The 3rd meeting of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG),  was held on 8 and 9 October in Paris at the OECD, under the Franco-Argentine presidency. 

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