Scientific Programme Committee

The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) is responsible for the 2018 IAOS Scientific Programme. It will develop the call for papers and will coordinate with the Local Programme Committee (LPC).  

Name Institution
Kees ZEELENBERG  Chief Methodologist, Statistics Netherlands
 Local Programme Committee Coordinator 
 Peter VAN DE VEN  Head of National Accounts, Statistics and Data Directorate, OECD 
 Eduardo BARREDO-CAPELOT  Director of Methodology and IT Corporate Solutions, European Commission
 Lisa BERSALES  National Statistician of the Philippines
 Cynthia CLARK  Senior Executive Leader and Manager of Statistical Programs in the U.S. and  the U.K. (Retired) USA
 Jean-Pierre CLING  Head of the Department of Statistical and International Coordination, INSEE, France
 Gary DUNNET  Senior Manager of National Accounts, Statistics New Zealand
 Philomen HARRISON  Project Director, Regional Statistics, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat
 Ronald JANSSEN  Chief of the Trade Statistics Branch, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
 Jean-Pierre LE GLÉAU  French Statistical Society (SFdS), France
 Yusuf MURANGA  Director General, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda
 Enrique ORDAZ  General Director on Research and Analysis National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico
 Sybille VON OPPELN  Director of Strategy and Planning, International Relations, and Research and Communications, German Federal Statistical Office


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