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Regulatory policy is about achieving government's objectives through the use of regulations, laws, and other instruments to deliver better economic and social outcomes and thus enhance the life of citizens and business.


Latest updates

22 June
Regulatory Impact Assessment and Regulatory Oversight in Austria

15 June 2020
Implementing Technical Regulations in Mexico

11 June 2020
No Policy maker is an island: The international regulatory co-operation response to the COVID-19 crisis

9 June 2020
Regulatory policy and the Covid-19 crisis

26 May 2020
Better regulation in Latin America as a fundamental mechanism to face the crisis and accelerate recovery - Spanish

13 May 2020
OECD and Latin American countries highlight the state-of-play on better regulation in this region 

6 May 2020
Driving Performance at Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency
Best Practice Principles for Regulatory Policy: One-Stop Shops for Citizens and Business

4 May 2020
Review of International Regulatory Co-operation of the United Kingdom

29 April 2020
Regulatory Quality and COVID-19: Managing the risks and supporting the recovery
Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections in the Environmental Sector of Peru

21 April 2020
Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Netherlands

3 April 2020
Behavioural Insights and Organisations - Fostering Safety Culture


13-14 January 2020
OECD Global Conference on Governance Innovation


OECD Recommendation and Principles


Publications and events 

  Administrative simplification

Comprehensive framework to guide government reforms


Latest events and publications on regulatory policy


Review the stock of regulations to reduce unnecessary burdens


Regulatory policy and global relations

Network of Economic Regulators

International regulatory co-operation

Supporting reforms beyond the OECD


Share experiences and good practices in economic regulation


Promote the co-ordination of rules and their enforcement


Measuring Regulatory Performance
Regulatory Impact Analysis
Regulation and emerging technologies

Assessing the benefits of regulatory reform for citizens and business


Integrate RIAs in the development of new regulations

  ‌‌Regulation and emerging technologies

Tackle regulatory  challenges raised by emerging technologies


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