Towards Service-Oriented Governance

Brussels, Belgium
20 September 2019


Governments continue the process of maturing to become “fully digital” and working towards digital government strategies that are aligned and mainstreamed into broader public sector reforms. As governments prioritise service delivery and meeting users’ needs, anticipatory governance that fully embraces digital rights and ethics will be required to fullfill the opportunities and tackle the risks brought by disruptive technologies, such as artificial inteligence. Digital by design and open by default approaches should be used to collaborate with users and enable them to express their needs and public sector organisations to permanently test, experiment, monitor and evolve their digital policy actions. Yet, digital tools must be strategically governed to ensure they do not amplify bias nor exclude anyone. Rather, they must be used to the benefit of an increasingly diverse society and to serve the rapidly transforming needs of our economies.


Topics for discussion included:


  • Governance
  • Thematic Groups outputs
  • Digital government country reviews
  • Digital government indicators
  • Digital government maturity
OECD Recommendation

OECD Recommendation on Digital Government Strategies

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