Rebooting Public Service Delivery - How can Open Government Data help drive innovation?


The policy context for the United Arab Emirates

The rise of 'liquid data' - open, available and shareable data

By opening up government data to citizens, public institutions become more transparent and accountable to the people they serve. By encouraging available and shareable data, governments can help promote innovative, citizen-centric services.

Opening up this data also provides the opportunity to involve innovators from inside and outside governments to create innovative ways to tackle new and existing problems. This has the potential to increase public sector efficiency and effectiveness.

This comparative study highlights new opportunities emerging for public sector innovation while raising awareness on some of the main implications that need to be tackled to successfully attain the benefits.

The study presents how OECD countries are dealing with these issues and how this can inspire the United Arab Emirates to further advance their existing use of open data to foster innovative service delivery.


Rebooting Public Service Delivery (pdf)



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