Anti-corruption and integrity in the public sector

Traditional approaches based on the creation of more rules, stricter compliance and tougher enforcement have been of limited effectiveness. A strategic and sustainable response to corruption is public integrity. Integrity is one of the key pillars of political, economic and social structures and thus essential to the economic and social well-being and prosperity of individuals and societies as a whole.

This page presents the work of the OECD on integrity in the public sector, including lobbying, conflict of interest, whistleblower protection and political finance.


OECD Public Integrity Handbook

Resilient governance needs integrity - but how does it work in practice? The OECD Public Integrity Handbook answers this and many other questions in real life terms.


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This Forum is the premium annual public event on integrity and anti-corruption worldwide.

OECD Standards

Our work on public integrity is based on the 2017 OECD Recommendation on public integrity.

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