The aim of the OECD’s Global Relations is to create a community of economies which are committed to best policy practices and to finding joint solutions for common challenges, guided by the Organisation’s evidence-based policy advice and standards. This engagement serves a mutual benefit, giving a platform to learn from each other’s policies. more

Regional approaches

The OECD works closely with many governments around the world through regional initiatives and activities in order to facilitate policy benchmarking and the exchange of good practices within and across regions.

More on our regional activities 
Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and South East Europe.

Participation in OECD work

Beyond the Organisation's 37 members, countries and economies may be invited to participate in Committees and other bodies through different types of partnerships. 

More about partnerships in OECD bodies

More about the OECD Global Fora

Country-specific co-operation

Partner countries' involvement in OECD work is mutually beneficial and essential for keeping the OECD inclusive and relevant. 

More on Accession

More on the Key Partners: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia & South Africa

More on Country Programmes: Morocco, Peru & Thailand

International Organisations

The OECD co-operates closely with a large number of international organisations. The form of this co-operation varies, depending on the issues and circumstances, from jointly financed activities or publications, through formal or informal participation in each other’s events, to exchange of information and statistics. 

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