OECD work on G20 Issues

The OECD has supported the work of the G20 on a wide range of issues, reflecting the OECD’s multidisciplinary expertise in public policy, in order to pursue strong, sustainable and balanced growth and promote inclusiveness.

You can view highlights and deliverables from our work in the following areas:

Agriculture and Food Security

G20 Leaders committed to address the challenge of improving global food security, nutrition and to raise productivity and the sustainability of food systems. The OECD has been contributing to this agenda, in particular on food price volatility, sustainable agriculture productivity, ICT and innovation in agriculture and water efficiency. 

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Digitalisation and Innovation

The ongoing digital transformation is profoundly reshaping economies and societies. Since placed on the G20 agenda in 2016, the OECD has been supporting the G20  in designing smart policies to seize the opportunities offered by the digital economy, unleash the potential of innovation and address the new industrial revolution. 

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G20 Leaders recognised the significant negative impact of corruption on economic growth, trade and development. The OECD has actively contributed to the G20 in key areas including foreign bribery, public sector integrity, beneficial ownership and private sector integrity.

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Sustainability - Climate Sustainability and Energy

The OECD supports the G20 efforts to boost green and climate finance, to address inefficient fossil fuel subsidies and promote energy efficiency and a transition to a low-carbon economy. 

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Employment, Education and Social Policies

The OECD has provided extensive support to the G20 to reduce the gender labour participation gap, increase youth employment, improve job quality, boost the development and use of skills, and promote labour and social policies to manage megatrends such as migration and the technological revolution.

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Financial Markets and International Financial Architecture

In support of the G20’s goal to stabilise and strengthen the global financial system, the OECD contributes its expertise in areas such as capital flows, corporate governance, financial inclusion – including SME financing, financial  education and consumer protection.

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Future of Work

Digital technologies are changing the world of work. The OECD contributes to the G20’s Future of Work agenda both through the Sherpa and Finance Track to ensure that people can develop their full potential to benefit from the new digital era. 

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Global Health

Through its active contributions in the G20 Health Working Group, the OECD has supported the G20’s priority on global health, in particular to address AMR, tackle obesity and strengthen health systems. 

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Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity

Low steel prices, weak profitability and trade disturbances are some of the effects of excess capacity that are being felt by steel manufacturers around the world.  The OECD acts as a facilitator of the Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity, set up by G20 Leaders in 2016 to commonly address excess capacity.

Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure investment contributes to higher productivity and growth, facilitates trade, connectivity, and improves economic inclusion. The OECD supports the G20 agenda to develop infrastructure as an asset class in particular on data gaps and on the diversification of financial instruments for infrastructure.

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2030 Agenda and Development

The OECD contributes extensively to the definition of the G20 development concepts, based on growth and resilience, as well as knowledge sharing and policy dialogues to benefit low-income countries through its active engagement in the G20 Development Working Group (DWG). OECD’s contributions span from infrastructure, human resource development, financial inclusion, food security to domestic resource mobilisation.

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International Taxation

OECD contributions to the G20 on tax have helped to reform, reshape and modernise the international taxation system, fighting tax evasion, bank secrecy and tax heavens and addressing tax avoidance. The OECD supports the implementation of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes.

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Strong, Sustainable, Balanced and Inclusive Growth

The OECD provides policy-oriented analysis to identify and promote structural reforms in support of the G20’s goal of strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.

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Trade and Investment

The OECD has supported the G20’s commitment to promote open market, and fight protectionism, including by improving the understanding and inclusivity of Global Value Chains and the link between trade and investment. 

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