Philanthropic funding for development is on the rise. It can be more flexible and disruptive than funding from other sources. It is a force driving change in the international development system. Yet, philanthropic flows remain modest compared to investments from governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, and most foundations do not have a presence on the ground. By engaging with others, foundations can identify unmet needs in the field, learn from effective approaches and co-ordinate their actions.


The Network of Foundations Working for Development (netFWD) convenes leaders in philanthropy and connects them with policy makers and OECD experts to address the world's most pressing development challenges.


We convene philanthropists, policy makers and OECD experts to share evidence and strategic insights, explore promising novel approaches, and engage in genuine partnerships. It is this multi-stakeholder approach that sets us apart from other international philanthropic networks.

For more information on netFWD and our work contact us on [email protected]

A close-knit community
of foundations

Our working groups on education, health and gender equality are a safe space for foundation leaders to share ideas, learn from one another and forge new partnerships.

A bridge
to OECD expertise

We provide foundations with the most up-to-date OECD policy research and data, and connect them with some of the world’s leading experts on issues like strengthening health systems, teacher training and gender equality.

A platform to incubate
broader coalitions

Hosted at the OECD Development Centre, netFWD is a unique venue for foundations to meet policymakers from all the world’s regions, as well as partners in multilateral organisations.

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