Market Studies Guide for Competition Authorities 2018


Publication date: 10 September 2018


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Market studies are a versatile tool for competition authorities to analyse whether there are competition problems in a sector, outside the context of a merger review or antitrust investigation. Nearly all competition authorities in the OECD conduct some type of market study. 

While the specific approach and framework for market studies varies across jurisdictions, the experiences of competition authorities provides substantial common insights. 

This document highlights these insights, and summarises the work conducted by the OECD Competition Committee on market studies. It can be used to inform the design of market studies frameworks, and to help guide the execution of market studies. 

This document can be read in conjunction with the International Competition Network Market study good practice handbook.


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Market studies and competition

Evaluation of competition interventions

Competition assessement




ICN Market studies good practice handbook, 2016

OECD reference guide on ex-post evaluation of competition agencies’ enforcement decisions, 2016

Roundtable discussion on market studies methodologies, 2017

Workshop on the selection and prioritisation of sectors or industries for market studies, 2017

Global Forum on Competition discussion on the role of market studies as a tool to promote competition, 2016 

Note on the OECD Survey on market studies (version française), 2015

Competition and market studies in Latin America: The case of Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Peru, 2015

Best practice roundtable on market studies, 2008  

List of all best practice roundtables on competition

More OECD work on Competition 


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