About the website

This OECD website is intended to provide a central location where one can find information about the regulatory approaches adopted by OECD member countries to mitigate pesticide risks to insect pollinators.

Following a survey of OECD member countries, it was concluded that mitigation of risks to insect pollinators is important to all its member countries, and that mitigation is a critical component of balancing the benefits of plant protection products with potential risks to insect pollinators. Risk mitigation options used by many stakeholders generally fall into three categories:

This website provides links to OECD member country laws, policies and guidance relating to pesticides and risk management tools for insect pollinators, including precautionary labelling, use restrictions, technologies, training materials, Best Management Practices (BMP) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices currently used by OECD countries to mitigate the risk of pesticides to insect pollinators.

Photo credit:J. Pistorius

More on the OECD Programme
If you would like to know more about the other activities of the OECD in the area of pesticides, please click here
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