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This OECD website is intended to provide a central point where anyone can quickly find information about approaches towards the regulatory compliance and enforcement of pesticides in OECD member and non-member countries. It also provides links to information that countries consider to be relevant and current. Information encompasses laws, policies and guidance, compliance programmes, border-related activities, key issues, best practices and tools and resources, as well as OECD publications in the area of pesticide compliance and enforcement.

OECD Publications  

The OECD Guidance on Pesticide Compliance and Enforcement Best Practices addresses compliance and enforcement issues as they relate to pesticides and associated health and environmental risks.

The document provides guidance for promoting and monitoring compliance and for assessing and mitigating the risks of non-compliance. It is targeted primarily at pesticide regulators, but may also interest policy makers as well as regulated parties (i.e. the pesticide industry). 

It addresses the following areas of the pesticide life-cycle:

  • Manufacturing and product integrity;
  • Distribution (including transportation and sale);
  • Product use;
  • Product storage; and
  • Container recycling and disposal.

Report of the OECD Pesticide Risk Reduction Steering Group Workshop "Pesticide User Compliance" presents the results of an OECD workshop (June 2006) that looked at the issues and impediments to compliance associated with pesticide use. 

Specific aims of the workshop included:

  • Identifying the most common types of non-compliance that occur and developing effective approaches to manage risks;
  • Developing ways to enhance knowledge and understanding amongst pesticide users;
  • Proposals for modifications to regulatory processes to avoid unrealistic or very difficult approval conditions;
  • Developing measures for the effectiveness of compliance programmes in achieving risk reduction objectives; and
  • Identifying areas for potential harmonisation or international collaboration.

More on the OECD Pesticides Programme  

Further information on other pesticides activities can be found on the OECD public website.

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