Innovation for sustainable productivity growth

A large body of work undertaken by the committee suggests that innovation, broadly defined, is crucial to achieving the needed sustainable productivity growth in the face of climate change and resource pressures. For sustainable productivity growth to be achieved, policy signals throughout the economy need to be pointing in the same direction. A comprehensive multi-dimensional framework has been developed, in collaboration with the G20, to evaluate the extent to which broad policy settings – and innovation systems in particular – are conducive. This framework has already been applied to four countries, all of which are OECD and G20 members, and is currently being applied to a further three as well as to the Southeast Asia region. Policy recommendations are being developed to help governments ensure consistency in the overall policy settings, and to strengthen innovation systems in particular. The emphasis is on responding to demand, ensuring that the different actors in the system are joined up, and leveraging private sector investment where the conditions and objectives warrant it.

The Co-operative Research Programme aligns increasingly to the committee’s policy priorities through its fellowships and conferences.


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