Rules and Regulations for the Forest Seed and Plant Scheme

This page contains the Rules and Regulations of the OECD Forest Schemes. Changes approved at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the OECD Forest seed and plant scheme are included in this edition and are available separately below for review.

  • Non-technical amendment to Appendix IX on the certificate numbers for lots of certified reproductive material, to update the list of key to letter codes for participating countries, to reflect the admission of Bulgaria
  • technical amendment to Rule 2.1 clarifying that delineation of regions of provenance for advanced categories is compulsory only if it is relevant
  • technical amendment of Rule 4.3 clarifying that it is permitted to base the Summary List of Basic Material eligible under the Scheme on regions of provenance only in the cases of source-identified and selected categories
  • technical amendment to the definition of Region of provenance to include the reference to seed sources
  • technical amendment to Appendix V on the OECD certificate for Forest Reproductive Material derived from seed sources or from stands, on adding information on the country and location coordinates of the region of provenance.

OECD Forest Scheme - Rules and Regulations

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